Geri Moran

About Geri Moran

Geri Moran’s corporate career in the office products and heating oil industries gave her the management and staff experience to develop a wide skill set and a broad view of business. Her experience as a staffer left her with the ability to learn and use a wide range of software, handle any type of paperwork to come her way, learn subject matter on a wide range of topics, and, because of wonderful bosses, to always reach further than the job required. As a manager, the responsibilities of budgeting and personnel management made her understand the importance of process and documentation.

Paperwork, Process, and Projects

People who know Geri, tell her they identify her with 3 Ps – Paperwork, Process, and Projects. Since deciding to go out on her own in 1993, she has helped many businesses and busy individuals in those areas. She is as comfortable with clients like Morgan Stanley – who uses her technical writing services, as she is at her private individual clients – who use her for paying their bills and keeping their paperwork organized. She enjoys the variety of her work and always welcomes new challenges – like the time she was asked to learn some new software on her own, just so she could teach it to the client!

Geri also gets great satisfaction in lightening the load for others, so give her a call to see how she can help you.