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Slogging Into Fall

Yesterday I managed to pick the pile of dirty laundry up off the guest room floor. Now, you may be thinking that this act should not be raised to the level of an accomplishment since there shouldn’t BE a pile of dirty laundry on the floor. But given my diminishing interest in housework and [...]

Post Holiday Procrastination

Pre-holiday I am motivated by the urgency of the looming deadline – in spite of our pleas, the powers that be have refused to move Christmas to a more convenient time. The house got decorated, the gifts done, the dinners made, the company had.
But now it is all over. Even my annual January brunch is [...]


Quick, what did you have for lunch yesterday? If you are among my younger readers it doesn’t count if you remembered immediately, but if you are over 40 congratulations for remembering at all. It isn’t that our brains can’t remember as we get older, but that things do slow down. The retrieval process, for example, [...]


The recent weather drama made me realize I have woefully disregarded my Girl Scout motto to always “Be prepared.” I did not take Hurricane Irene seriously until the business continuity preparedness e-mail began flooding my inbox that Friday. Upon being asked if I was prepared, I realize my refrigerator contained six eggs, a bottle of [...]

Ask Mary

Miscommunication – the funny and the frustrating. Between e-mail and working in the global marketplace, we are all at risk of an unintended interpretation of our communication. I had a co-worker who had recently immigrated from China. But he spoke English so well that I didn’t even think twice when I [...]

Are you feeling lucky?

For many people, 2010 was an unlucky year – better than 2008/2009 maybe, but still challenging. We always hope that the New Year will be “the year” – the year we lose weight, [...]