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The Texting Divide

Texting – here is a generational divide that I think will be difficlt to breach.  It’s not that people of “a certain age” are not capable of texting. As my friend Donna, who wanted me to write about this says, we get it, in certain circumstances it is quicker and easier than a call. It’s [...]

A Day Off

A popular magazine recently asked its readers what they would do if they had an entire day off with no obligations or responsibilities – as though that would be a total fantasy. The fact that this question was posed should be at least faintly horrifying. We must be the most overworked, over committed society on [...]

Spring Manifest-o

There may be something to this whole philosophy of manifesting. Have you ever tried ridiculously hard to make something happen, only to be wildly unsuccessful for reasons that are a complete mystery to you? You are left feeling exhausted and disheartened. (Anyone want to buy a library full of “how to become a millionaire” books? [...]


NOTE: I have never done this before, but because of the popularity of this piece last year, I am doing a rerun of my last New Year’s Second Thoughts.
I admit it; I have failed. Once again in 2009 I failed to lose weight, exercise more, keep my fingernails beautifully lacquered, my cuticles soft. I did [...]

Perfect Holiday Gatherings

Pretty ambitious sounding title but I am just going to give you one tip:
Abandon the notion of perfection!
Even if you do have the Martha gene – or the staff – to effortlessly attain the perfection portrayed in every holiday issue of every magazine you have been subjected to on the supermarket line, resist that urge. [...]