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Find a Way

Diana Nyad is my current idol. 64 years old and on her 5th try, she became the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage. 110 miles and nearly 53 hours, her lips so swollen she could barely speak, she finally achieved a feat she first attempted while in her twenties. [...]

Something New

I took a workshop in stand-up comedy with the multi-talented Peggy Boyce. She gave us an exercise which was meant to unleash some writing creativity. We were told simply to do something we had never done before and write about it. It could be any simple thing – it didn’t have to be anything wild [...]

Why Am I Here?

Many of you seemed to like the brain info from the last post so here is some more. Why am I here? We have all asked ourselves that question – maybe not existentially – but during those times when you walk into a room with a specific purpose and suddenly you have no idea why [...]

Of Two Minds

While we can all walk and chew gum at the same time (well, hopefully my readers are of that caliber), there are things you cannot do at the same time. Have you ever been out for a walk with someone and suddenly had to stop walking to process something that came up – like a [...]


First of all I must do an update on my last Second Thoughts – Guilt and Garbage. Someone DID come by and take a couple of my chairs and my brother, (Dr Tom Moran, world’s greatest chiropractor) bucking my suggestion to toss broken things because you won’t repair them, defiantly DID repair several broken items, [...]

Fighting Overwhelm

Even though the winter holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Chanukah are the ones that most come to mind when we think of busy, hectic and sometimes overwhelming seasons, I have recently realized that the longer sunnier days of spring and summer have caused me a new kind of overwhelm caused by too much daylight. I [...]

Don’t Assume

Years ago I worked as a business consultant for a company that specialized in increasing the revenue and productivity of small companies in the office products industry. One of the services we provided was an audit of the work flow to uncover flaws in the system that could affect profitability. Most clients didn’t have their [...]

Reading is Economical

Reading is fundamental AND economical. I got a letter from my oil company that said my oil contract was going to expire in 250 gallons and I had to renegotiate my price. I never had a contract expire by gallons before – it was always by date. Since the price of heating oil has accelerated [...]

How Did You Make That Mistake?

I just read a great book by Joseph T. Hallinan – “Why We Make Mistakes”. This book explains scientifically what I, as your sometimes enabler, often try to reinforce: You were not designed to be perfect!
The author supplies plenty of evidence that shows that your brain actually functions in ways that not only make it [...]

Boss Day

A colleague of mine recently said, “Very often, people don’t leave jobs, they leave managers.” The best workplace can be ruined by a bad manager. And when I say bad, I don’t just mean someone who is unpleasant to work for. Someone who is unskilled in people management cause problems as well.
Six Management Sins
Ineffective [...]