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I recently decided to corral all the memorabilia and keepsakes from the various corners of the house, and finally put it most of it together into albums. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t create work of art scrap books; I just wanted to get it in one place, weed it out and segregate it from [...]

Guilt and Garbage

Recently a client of mine was surprised to hear that I was throwing out paper that I had accumulated. So here is the public confession – I am a pack rat, but an organized one – especially when it comes to paperwork (my basement? um, that’s not important right now).  Even when you are organized, [...]

That’s Why God Invented Other People

This is a re-post of a popular entry.
My garage is empty – completely empty. You could actually put a car in it – a small one (they didn’t foresee mid-sized cars when they built this house in the twenties). No, it is not like winning a Nobel prize, but I suspect there are many of [...]

Set Things Flying

Free Stuff, Valuable Memory

It is time to finally share with you my most satisfying organizing experience ever. After a ruthless clean out of “stuff”, I had a garage full of old Christmas decor that didn’t move me anymore, surplus craft supplies, books, records, various serving pieces, picture frames and knickknacks too numerous to want [...]

The Tenure of Things

I recently cleaned out my kitchen to prepare for painting (yes, by someone else – remember, that’s why God invented other people). My son Paul was helping me and came upon an appliance that was unfamiliar to [...]

Got Lists?

If you are crazed list maker like I am, kneel at the altar of the internet gods in thanks that there are many sites that can help you either simplify your list making, or, at worst, turn you into a obsessive person who never actually gets anything done because you are too busy keeping the [...]