Find a Way

Diana Nyad is my current idol. 64 years old and on her 5th try, she became the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage. 110 miles and nearly 53 hours, her lips so swollen she could barely speak, she finally achieved a feat she first attempted while in her twenties. READ THAT AGAIN – SIXTY FOUR years old!

Her mantra when she felt she could go on no longer was “find a way.” She had a goal – it took her 35 years – but she found a way to make it happen. Few people could even keep a goal or dream alive that long. And maybe many people along the way told her she was foolish. How many times did people tell her to give it up?

I recently achieved a goal I have had for at least six years – had an article published in Somerset Studio magazine. It felt so good that I actually jumped up and down in excitement when I found out (much to the detriment of my knees). I also reached one lifetime goal this year – I did not die young! LOL Yes, I have reached what my cousin Rita calls, the youth of your old age. However, sadly, and much to the disappointment of my close friends’ and family’s self interest, I have not achieved my other life goal of winning Publishers Clearing House. But I haven’t given up, even though some people think I am living in a dream world, they like me here and I am staying. What’s the harm?

So what goal are you struggling with? I have found that when you reach a goal it makes you want to reach for something else. I used to teach an adult education goal setting seminar and was surprised by how many people just don’t know where to start. I am going to be offering private and group goal setting sessions again soon but if you are looking for a place to start, start with this: You are 85 years old. What do you regret not having done?