Slogging Into Fall

Yesterday I managed to pick the pile of dirty laundry up off the guest room floor. Now, you may be thinking that this act should not be raised to the level of an accomplishment since there shouldn’t BE a pile of dirty laundry on the floor. But given my diminishing interest in housework and overall summer apathy towards any kind of work, I am thinking it was a goal, I made it happen.

There was a time when September’s arrival still had the shiny newness of composition books and pencil cases, the beauty of colored leaves, the joys of good sleeping temperatures and the simple pleasure of once again donning a sweater. Now it just seems to mean our commutes return to to being a horrid 50 minute adventure of near death experiences with hordes of other disgruntled drivers, the return of work stress, the list of fall chores, and the haggle with home heating oil companies intent on making the oil bill equal the GNP of a small Central American country. I almost forgot fall allergies and dread of the forecasted colder than normal winter.

Alas, I have no wisdom to impart here today – only complaints. So, I need your help! What, dear readers, do you love about Fall and how do YOU get over summer’s end? Let us know.